Ultrasonic Lipolaser cavitation

Ultrasonic cavitation RF machine which uses the ultrasonic cavitation and lipolaser

Multipolar RF, vacuum RF, 40K ultrasonic fat burning and laser-pad fat dissolving machines are currently the most popular beauty machines that work on skin-firming, body-shaping and anti-aging.

It’s an effective replacement of all the facial and body care programs in beauty salons.

Moreover, they are convenient and easy to operate. It solves both skin and body management issues for beauty-lovers. This equipment requires no injection, no medication, no operation, thus having no side-effects.

It is used externally during the whole process and has an immediate effect.
Ultrasonic Lipolaser cavitation machine

Unoisetion cavitation 2.0 technology is a new cavitation technology that will help fat dissolve and body contour. It is not a fast way to lose weight, but absolutely effective body contouring treatment.

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