Pressotherapy and lymphatic detoxification slimming machine

Body Detox Lymph pressotherapy drainage machine

Pressotherapy Air Pressure Slimming Body
Benefits of pressotherapy machine

The lymphatic detoxification slimming machine is known as the human body “scavenger”, mainly within the circulatory system of the human body.

The inner recycle including: the blood circulatory system, the lymphatic circulatory system and tissue fluid, etc.

The air inflation by the air bag tie abdomen, arms, legs lymphatic at inflated circulation to a certain period of time and compressd, prompting within the circulatory system to speed up the cycle in the human body, in order to achieve detoxification slimming, endocrine regulation.

Body Slimming Fat Loss
lymphatic Drainage Detox Treatment
Body Relaxing massage
The air suit made up from special material can be done more reasonable and convenient, and durable cleaning.
Improve the shoulder, cervical and lumbar spine.
Enhanced cell potential film and to improve and slow organ aging
Breast massage: operation of lobular hyperplasia.
Eliminate constipation.5. Slim (to improve local obesity).