Mealtime Tips for family

Enjoying a meal together is a great way to connect with your family.

Mealtime Tips and food Activity Ideas to try:

    • Make your own food art and show kids that healthy foods can be beautiful and appetizing.
    • Grow a family cosy garden. Get kids of all ages involved in meals with gardening. Start small, with a window herb box in your kitchen or a garden in your yard.
    • Kids are more likely to try new foods when they take the lead. In this activity, kids pick a new food at the store, taste it, and rate it like a food critic.
    • Remove distractions by turning off the TV and making a phone “parking spot” away from the table.
    • Have everyone share what they did during the day. What made you laugh or what you did for fun?
    • Try new foods at home. Kids need many opportunities to taste a new food to “get used to it.”
    • Have adults and older kids talk about the color, feel, or flavor of foods. It’ll make them sound more appealing to younger kids that may be picky.
    • On nice days, opt for a change of scenery. For example, go to a nearby park for a dinner picnic.